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[14 Dec 2012|11:00pm]

My heart is breaking for the family's in Connecticut. I hope parents around the world are hugging their children, I know I am.

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[01 Oct 2012|04:05pm]

Fucking fuck fuck.

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Grrr [22 Sep 2012|03:31pm]

Kidney stones can go fuck themselves.

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dementia, I think not. [15 Sep 2012|10:51am]
I forgot my password, for years later I yelled it out at dinner. I'm the female Homer Simpson....."Dental plan, Lisa needs braces"
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the accomplice [16 Mar 2008|01:13am]
I'm at work on Friday at The Henderson Hospital, I took the back way from the Henderson side to my office at the Cancer Centre, and here in a wheelchair sits this old dude, It's a beautiful afternoon and I just assumed he was enjoying the weather, He says to me, Hi honey, how is your day going? I says to him, I'm wonderful, how are you? He says, Actually,do you think you could give me a hand with something, I'm trying to get to Concession St(the front of the hospital) but I can't manage on my own(there is a steep incline from hospital to street) do you think you could give me a hand? ...Sounds like he has reasoned this out dudes cognitive.....So I help him.

We get to Concession St and the Dude says, I'm trying to get to Stoney Creek, which bus do I take?
......now, I don't want to judge, but the Dude looks to be in his 90s and he only has a pair of track pants and a sweater on and a grocery bag of stuff hanging from the back of his chair...

So I say, where are you trying to go? and he says again abit agitated, I want to take the bus to Stoney Creek, can you help me get across the street, it's just going to take you another minute, and I can't get across quick enough at the light....again cognitive....as I'm helping him, I say...Is there anyone that I can call for you, someone to help, a taxi? and then he starts talking about his wife, she has all of his things, every time he calls she just hangs up on him...blah,blah..I don't really hear the rest because of the alarm bells ringing in my head.
As he reaches down to flip up the foot rest on the wheelchair I get a look at his hospital ID badge....thats right Dude is an in patient at the hospital.

So here I am, out on the street with some Dude, I have no idea of his mental state. what do I do?

I leave him!
I go back inside the hospital information(30 seconds) she says yes darling and I say, Ummmm, I think I just helped someone escape, and she says ...WHAT are you talking about? and I say can you look up DUDE, and she says...Ohhh, yes, yes you did,he is on ward E4.
I run down to my office (30 more seconds mind you) and call the ward and sure enough I tell them that dude is on Concession St and then I call security. Code Yellow is called(missing patient)The fax goes to all of the hospitals and emergency response in the city

I go back to the "scene" and security is coming back with an empty wheelchair

Dude got on the bus! I set him free

Turns out Dude is 87 has beginning stages of dementia and 400.00 buck on him, he is waiting for long term care placement in a nursing home and he has been trying to buy winter clothes off of all of the patients on his Ward, the Ward has a sign that asks that everyone lock the door due to "wandering patients" .... It's not patients(pleural) that wander its just him!

Long story short, He was found at Eastgate Mall(in Stoney Creek) and returned to the hospital later that evening. I think I'm going to go visit him next week. I hope he got drunk and went to a strip joint while he was out because I don't think he will get another chance.
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Psych 101 [23 Nov 2007|11:45pm]
So I had this dream last night, that I was at my elementary school reunion. I have a feeling it has to do with Facebook and that the whole idea of it(facebook) is freaking me out more than I know if you know what i mean. You search away and find all sorts of people that you knew in a different life/time/place, and all of the emotions that you though you had a handle on from years of therapy and healthy repression start rolling around in your head, and all of the conversations and awkward situation that you thought you successfully forgot come flooding back in...You find yourself too old and tired to see someone 3 times a week to relive what should have just stayed in the deep, deep, deep emotional basement to begin with? Either I have a really bad case of PMS, or I am certifiably crazy or everyone is having this problem too. Well here goes, I'm lying down on the Livejournal couch

In the dream We were all sitting in the Cafeteria..really it was a long skinny room in the basement that had a raised platform at one end and was used by no one but the girl guides on Thursday nights...There were no decorations or music or signs on the wall just long wooden tables without table cloths and we were sitting on wooden chairs....In the dream the school hadn't changed,I could almost smell the disinfectant, it was exactly like when I was a kid. I can only see the group of people that I'm sitting with, all guys just like when I was a kid, Trevor Lapine, Dwayne, Ranall Meleski and Johnny Goffredo(who by the way was my first love, even if he didn't know it) So I'm sitting in between Trevor Lapine and Dwayne(I dont' know his last name because he was only at the school for 1 year) Trevor had these black work boots on(Not appropriate for a reunion) and blue overhauls and was a GIANT..I mean he was huge, like Triple H or Chris Jeriko, He looked like he just finished wrestling alligators in the sewer, he had his giant hand wrapped around a scotch on the rocks, and on the other side was Dwyane, who was still 10 yrs old complete with greasy hair and buck teeth. Across from me was Johnny Goffredo, he was all glistening like a male model and wouldn't make eye contact with anyone. He had his shirt kinda unbuttoned a bit (MEOW) and he was all working these fancy jeans all metrosexual like. and beside him was Randall Meleski, who every time I tried to talk to Teri Petrie(who is a girl but like a good catholic family had a zillion brothers,so she counts as one of the guys too) would lean in between us all annoying like. I desperately wanted to talk to Randal, he was in fact the only reason that I went to the stupid reunion in the first place but then Trevor said "Hey, you guys wanna go over to the park(actually the mountain brow) and smoke a joint?" CUT TO PARK- and just when the fun was about to begin....AWAKE- Well actually in the dream it got a bit weird, and not LJ appropriate and shortly there after -AWAKE-
And thats it, I can't shake it, I haven't seen any of these people for 20 years and I have smoked dope and had sex with all of them all because of Facebook.
Was that Too much information for my first of I'm guessing many trips to the Livejournal therapy couch?
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down with christmas! [24 Dec 2006|01:29pm]
It is official , I am a slave to the overtime!

Christmas eve and i'm sitting at MUMC for no good reason except $$$$ and if thats not bad enough, I'll be sitting at the Mothership tomorrow,,,,thats right Bahfinghumbug , screw the kids, I'm down with sweet sweet double time and a half!

Now back to doing my nails
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[02 Sep 2006|11:33am]
Yesterday I officially became OLD! Yep, OLD.

I got back to work from lunch and there were 8 messages for me, 7 of which were from Emily.. 5 of them to the tune of - Hey mom, call me back, One of them saying OMG, call meeeeee in an opera voice and the last one, I ammmm soooo Exciiiiited...iiii have a plannnnn. So, I didn't call her back and I ignored the phone 3 times in as many minutes when I saw my number come up. So's I finally answer and get "holy crap where were you", again in opera, "It is lunch time dude" i says and she says "I love when you call me dude" and then my Case Manager shook her head and walked away, I think the way I talk to my kids confirms to her that I am crazy... More to the point is that she wants to go to the Underground to see some bands play... again I say "Dude" and she says "Its gonna be awesome, Dead and Devine are playing" ... And I HAVE NO IDEA WHO DEAD AND DEVINE ARE, because I'm old!!! I told her we had to talk when I got home, and for the rest of the day I did no work. So yeah, I got home and we had to talk.. you know the who's going, how are you getting there, how are you getting home, no you won't be staying at Alex's(all of her friends have androgynous names like Sam, Alex and Pat) I'm so tired of asking boy/girl so yeah, i want to know you get home you'll be sleeping here, twenty minutes later she starts laughing and gives me a hug and says"Whats going on, you've never acted like this before" ... and I almost cried and said "You've never asked to go to a bar to see an all ages show before because you are only a baby"
Long story short, I didn't want to let her go but I compromised we picked up her friends(who were drinking i might add) who do they think they are fooling with their gartoraid bottles full of brown liquid...damn you would hope that kids have evolved over the years, but sadly no, still stuffing knapsacks full of clanking bottles and stealing southern comfort from their parents before a party sheesh, gave her forty bucks so she could buy a shirt and shit, and picked her up, so I knew she was safe.
She got in the car after and along with the OLD mom of the year award she told me that it was awesome thanks for letting her go and that she was crowd surfing.... and at that point this old gal was ready for Long term care home.
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[21 Aug 2006|05:03pm]
Holy shit, when I left work on thursday my odometer read 40701 and when I got home at 5:12 this am the odometer read 45376. On my road trip to New Brunswick I..... I have a picture of a dead porcupine on the side of the hi-way, I dipped my feet in the Bay of Fundy, I honked my way through a handful of covered bridges(and left a bit of graffiti in one or two of them), ate enough seafood to jack the price of lobster up in Ontario, I had one truck stop mishap and the rest of what I did stays in New Brunswick, and that was the best part of the trip. Next year I have a date to go four wheeling. Time to catch up on my sleep.

I'd show you where I was , but mapquest thinks i should have gone through the states, and I can't remember how to do a cut anyhow....Use your imagination!
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[12 Mar 2006|07:58pm]
The other day, I got in my car to go to work and there on the floor was my watch. Strange. I hadn't even realized that I didn't put it on. Well, today after I went to the bathroom, I turned and started to flush and guess what was looking up at me from the bottom of the bowl....I had two choices , let my watch go and along with it the dream of saying "Libby Shaw, esquire" every time someone asked me what time it was or I could reach on in and pull that bitch out.(I just watched Jay and Silent Bob, hence the bitches). I keep a pretty tidy bowl, and I've washed me and my watch a million times, I'm just not sure I can get past it.

For the record it was only #1, and I know that my name is no longer Libby Shaw, but Libby Beauregard, esquire is a bit of a mouthful.
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[11 Mar 2006|08:00pm]
On Thursday night Rob went to see Motley Crue....yesssss, I said MOTLEY CRUE. Rob said some guy he that used to work for him had a bazillion tickets, but I suspected there was more to it than just a "throwback" night, For me it would have been all about Tommy Lee (like no one else out there sees how Dirty Sexy he is) but for Rob, I may have broke him of that shitty music habit but,I remember the CD's in the collection and by collection I really mean skeletons in the closet, don't make me talk about the Slayer, Whitesnake and Metallica box set. Like a 12 year old he kept calling me, the first phone call of the night I said, "The only reason for you to call me from a concert is to let me know you have your tongue in Tommy Lee's mouth and a) you are pretending you are me or b) you're just letting me know you're bringing him home for me to try....By the third call I had a feeling that he was wasted, and judging by the ridiculous T-shirt he "brought home for me" I KNOW he was waisted. Where the hell am I going to wear a black CRUE shirt with bright orange lettering, and if thats not enough to tempt a gal, there is an actual scene of the band on the front too...if only it had 3/4 length sleeves, sigh!

I spent the week training at the General Hospital, I would have hated it if it wern't for the group of gals that work there. INSANE. On Tuesday they decided to show me the sights, we went for lunch which consisted of crossing the barton street jail parking lot to get 2 dollar subs bought out of a filthy house/storefront on some side street. So here we are in the middle of nowhere and I feel a tap on my shoulder...what the hell? I turn and there in front of me is James Budd..its been like 10 years..we chat get subs and say our goodbyes, Ruby the casemanager says "sooooo? We take you to see the other side of life and you decide to pick-up while we're out? I just smiled and let her think what she wanted....

Oh yeah, I saw some dude in a bright orange jumper and shackles being escorted through the hospital too!
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From hear on out I'm livin Larry David style! [09 Feb 2006|02:48pm]
My sweet government training is over and tomorrow is sweet government payday which is going to come in handy for sweet cross boarder shopping this weekend.

Today was bliss! I finally had a much needed day off, forty hours a week plus a weekend job just sucks. The days of being a kept woman are over, it was a good long run but it was time. I do find now that I'm much more organized/prepared I have all of mine and the kids crap done the night before and I'm learning the art of crock pot cooking....thats right crock pot cooking! I got past the fear of burning my house down and I have to say that walking in the door to the sweet smell of dinner is a beautiful thing. The only drawback to being out of the house for 50 hrs a week is that I'm finding my spare time to definitly be a lot more valuable to me than it ever was before. I don't have the patients for bullshit or annoyance anymore, there are things in life that I love to do and at one point I could work part time, put up with shit, and do those things i love but now, christ, I can't even finish a chapter of a book without falling asleep at 9:00pm. My time is more valuable to me now, I learned that today when I spent the day with myself and had a great time doing exactly what I wanted to do and to the bullshit, I say...so long, and thanks for all the fish!!!
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[02 Feb 2006|05:12pm]
I've been working(more like trying to learn the massive computer system) along side someone for the last week and a bit, there is still another week to go before all of us newbies are thrown to the wolves and actually have a desk of our own to run, but yesterday my preceptor who is very pregnant and I'm hoping to take her term position for a year when they post it was off sick. There was supposed to be coverage for my area, but as a very special birthday treat to me, THEY LEFT ME ALONE!!!! And it wasn't bad enough that they left me alone but my "partner" the other case management assistant on our team had to leave for a physio appointment at 10 till 1230, so I had to cover her desk as well...oh yeah, and the CMA that is next door to me was off also...so I had almost no one to ask if need be. needless to say I was a bit overwhelmed, There were a few mistakes that I made I am only human but I learned from my mistakes and I'm that much more ready than the others that were hired when I was. Yeah, listen to me...like I'm cool about it, as a matter of fact by the time I got home last night I could feel my brain pulsating and had to have a nap. Off to dinner with april, she stopped by last night but forgot my present so I didn't give her any cake cause I'm allowed to be a bitch on my birthday!!!
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The sweet smell of governmemt money is on the horizon [13 Jan 2006|03:26pm]
Today was the last day for me at Dr.P's. I think I was very adult about it, if you don't count the handful of charts that I missfiled....or the things I shredded. Other than that I reconciled all of my accounts and caught up on all of my referrals, It was the least I could do seeing as I stole the other receptionists daughters job right out from under her! and the story goes...One of our patients knew that Donna's daughter was looking for a job, so she faxed over an internal posting, Donna then raved about how great this job sounded, how great the money was..yada yada, and knowing that I had all of the qualifications that they were looking for, when she wasn't looking I photocopied it and to make a long story short...I START ON MONDAY!!!! Who's signing my paycheck now? Hello Ministry of Health!

My sweet christmas car is in the shop getting a safety and an e-test, It should have been done weeks ago, but Rob's piece of crap died again so he was driving my new car(with the K-car plates) untill he broke down and shelled out some new car cash.(I've been stealing his ride at night when he goes to bed...is that wrong?)
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"Why It's Christmas day!!!" [25 Dec 2005|09:58am]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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We were both too busy crying during Somebody to even hold hands [02 Dec 2005|10:22am]
I would have loved to wake up to 3 feet of snow today, but sadly that didn't happen. Elaine and I went on a date to see Depeche Mode in Toronto last night and I have to say, I love when you leave a concert a bigger fan then when you went in. Silence and Personal Jesus had to be the highlights(If I had to pick a highlight)

There were a handful of songs that we didn't get to hear, but how can one complain when this is what we looked at for 2 hours!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I took the morning off knowing that I can't function without a zillion hours of sleep so I have to drag my ass off to the shower to get ready for my day.
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Who lives in a bungalow on East 16th? [31 Oct 2005|08:22am]
This is what all the cool kids are wearing to school today!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Cambie says HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!
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[27 Oct 2005|04:00pm]
This is what the cool kids bring to school on their birthdays!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Cameron hasn't had a party with his friends for his birthday for 2 years,(this being the third year) because he ends up getting into huge trouble at school and we can't justify a party....This year the word "assault" was used in the note that was sent home from school, It seems a little drastic to me even if I am his mother It's not my fault poindexter cried all the way down to the principals office. So the guilt kicked in and I sent him to school with this awesome SpongeBob cake that I slaved over last night.

Interesting side note, as I'm writing this 3 stinky little kids have shown up at my door asking what time they should come over for the party.....DAMN THAT KID!!!
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[11 Oct 2005|05:10pm]
Another update from "Scenes from a Clinic"

Seeing as I work at a walk-in clinic chances are that this story isn't going to be about pony rides and cotton candy.

Phone rings at 9:00am on Thanksgiving weekend

Me: Blah blah blah medical

Them: I need to see the doctor

Me: The reason for you visit?

Them: I'm coughing up yellow.....(long pause)....Its the same color yellow thats coming out of my vagina.

Me: Sorry, we don't see vaginas here!

Me: You may want to try another walk-in clinic, and bring whatever or whomever you have been putting in those two places to be treated as well.

The fact that I get to talk to people like that makes it all worth while that I have to get up a 7:00am on a holiday Monday!
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[07 Sep 2005|10:17am]
I called in sick today because I woke up and needed a nap. Now I just need breakfast, and I don't know how I'm gonna make that happen from the couch.
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